Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Our last Friday activity - class trip to a Beijing Opera. So much tuk tuk chiang but pretty interesting. I can only understand 5% of the performance. Haha!


I went for skiing at Nanshan. It was my first time and it was so fun!


We have finally reached the end of the course. We had a graduation thing yesterday and a farewell dinner provided by BLCU. I got the excellent student award and perfect attendance award. Dinner was good. I was seated at the teachers' table. It is always nice to sit with teachers because you get to converse in Chinese with them. It actually feels good that I can actually hold a casual conversation in Chinese.

My listening teacher who sat next to me, asked me:

Teacher: 你的汉字写得很美, 为什么你不会写马来西亚? (You write beautiful Hanzi, why you don't know how to write Malaysia?)
Me: 我有写啊。。。我写错了吗? 但是我不会写 "亚"。。。我写了什么啊? (I did write...did I write wrongly? But I don't know how to write "a"...what did I write?)
Teacher: 你写了"牙" 。。。不是 "亚"。 "牙" is teeth. (You wrote "牙", not "亚"。 "牙" is teeth.)



Mike, Denny and Jonathan left for their Tibet trip today. It's the last day for me to see Mike and Denny. Oh the sadness. I'm so gonna miss them. Jonathan will be traveling around Asia and he will be visiting Malaysia on the 31st. So I will be seeing him on the 31st.

I'm bringing home all of the good memories of my time here. I have nothing to say now except that I'm going to miss the people I hangout with in Beijing and the good times we shared.

My last weekend in Beijing. This is the video of us hanging out in KFC before heading to Mix Club in Sanlitun. We were supposed to get Cold Stone ice-cream but it was closed, so we ended up in KFC. Robert was so disappointed. :P

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Random Updates

It's 9:26AM now. I just had my speaking exam and I'm done for the day. That explains why I have some time to kill now. We are just waiting for 1pm to go for another class trip again. This time, we are going to a place where they introduce us the history of Beijing opera. Pretty interesting!

I didn't know all these trips are included in the programme. Oooh I like! Even better, those one semester intensive course students get to go for a 6 days class trip to Shanghai, Suzhou, Nanjing. Of course, their course fee is much higher than the 12 weeks intensive.


As the course is coming to an end, the attendance of the students are getting lesser and lesser. This started a month ago. I am the only one in class who never skip class. Looks like I'm getting that perfect attendance certificate. Yeah, big deal! =D

My friends are always joking about how they're going to sabotage me one day so that I will skip class and I won't be getting that certificate.

"I'm going to put a broom at your door so that you won't be able to get out of your room."

"We are going to do something to your food so that you will get diarrhea."


List of names of the students with perfect attendance for a certain period on the notice board in the intensive studies building.


Studying Chinese here in BLCU feels like a cultural exchange experience too. You meet so many people from other countries and you actually learn some of their culture too.

If I didn't come to BLCU, I won't know that the people in Germany are still using ICQ.

If I didn't come to BLCU, I won't know that the Japanese do not have a signature. Marina told me that the Japanese do not have a signature. They just write their name as it is. People will laugh at you if you have one. Signatures is only for celebrities or famous people.

One shocking thing is when Marina asked me at what age I started to bathe myself. She was shocked when I told her 4 or 5 years old. So I asked her the same question and she said 12! And then everyone started mocking her and her country. Poor girl. Of course she know that we are just joking.

During dinner one night, we asked everyone the sounds of the animal in their country. It was a good night...we laughed so much. Here is a summary:

Canada: Woof! Woof!
Japan: Wang! Wang!
Indonesia: Gook! Gook! <--We can't stop laughing

Canada: Oink! Oink!
Japan: Buik! Buik! <--Again, we can't stop laughing

Japan: Kero! Kero!
Germany: Quaaaaaa <--Hysterical

I was talking to my Canadian friend and I said "revise" for exam. He corrected me that it should be "review" and not "revise". You only say "revise" if you're modifying something. Later, I found out that the British call it "revise" and the American call it "review". That's because Robert (Malaysian who grew up in London) also said "revision" and Denny (Indonesian who spent the last 6 years of his life in America) was confused with that term. Hmm...interesting.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 weeks left

时间过得很快。 啊。。。我不想回国。 :(

I've been eating lots of good food lately. Those food that you should not miss in Beijing. I don't really save up now. I mean, c'mon I only have 2 weeks left. :( Damn, time flies!

So last week, we all went out with the teachers. It was fun and it was good timing too because the next day, our head teacher (Gao 老师) told us that it is her last day teaching us. BLCU is sending her to continue study another language (Portugese) because there will be a lot of students coming from Brazil next year. Well, the new teacher replacing her is not bad either but I do miss Gao 老师。

We all went for go-kart! It is the first time for most of us. It was so fun! One thing I hate about go-kart is because of the smelly helmet. I'm just so glad that they provide us disposable cap for hygiene purpose. In fact, the helmet is not smelly at all.

Oh, I finally checked out the salsa club here. Salsa live band was playing for 30 minutes or so when we first got there at around 11pm. Then, a rock band took over the stage. It was a disappointment. We didn't go to a salsa club to listen to a rock band ok.

Here's a video of salsa caribe.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good progress

I can actually converse in Mandarin now on MSN with my friends. As I learn more and more new words each day, I actually type faster now than before. I think that my mandarin typing skills is better than my writing now because I can't remember so many words but I will know what it is when I see the character.
I'm just so happy with my progress. 我觉得我有很大的进步!!! 真高兴!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

早上9:30我的辅导给我发短信。 她说 "there is snow outside"。 我起床,开窗帘, 然后我看到雪。 我真开心。

In Pinyin
zao3shang5 9:30 wo3 de5 fu3 dao3 gei3 wo3 fa1 duan3xin4. ta1 shuo1 "there is snow outside". wo3 qi3chuang2, kai1 chuang1lian2, ran2hou4 wo3 kan4 dao4 xue3。 wo3 zhen1 kai1 xin1.

In English
9:30AM, my tutor sent me a text message. She said "there is snow outside". I got out of bed, draw the curtains and I saw snow. I'm really happy.


The heater starts to work today. Funny thing about Beijing is that the temperature fluctuate like crazy. The temperature doesn't drop gradually. Anyway, I can adapt to this cold temperature for now.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 27th Birthday -- 我的生日

Classmates and teacher singing Happy Birthday


Friends in BLCU celebrated my birthday at a Japanese restaurant in Wudaokou. They bought me dinner, a birthday cake, a panda bear and nail polish. We went to La Bamba for drinks after that and I bought them drinks. A nice birthday with Stephanie, Marina, Martono, Billy, Michael, Rob, Johnathan, Antonella and Denny.

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's the beginning of winter already?

今天,我们老师说北京的秋天很短。 It is now the beginning of winter. 我们一定要穿多一点儿。 不要感冒。

In Pinyin
jin1tian1, wo3men5 lao3shi1 shuo1 Bei3jing1 de5 qiu1tian1 hen3 duan3. It is now the beginning of winter. wo3men5 yi1ding4 yao4 chuan1duo1 yi1dian3r5. bu4yao4 gan3mao4.

In English
Today, our teacher said that Beijing's autumn is short. It is now the beginning of winter. We must wear a bit more. Don't get a cold.


The weather was crazy yesterday. Windstorm the whole day and night. Apparently, the wind comes from Inner Mongolia. I can still feel the wind in the room even the window is shut. It was so cold. The heater will not work until November. I just have to wear more layers until then. A friend told me that you can buy the plug-in heater for 150 kuai. I will consider getting that if it gets really cold. :D